Adds IE7 support to Bootstrap 3
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Bootstrap 3 IE7 Fix

Adds IE7 support to Bootstrap 3.

  • Applies IE7-specific styles to Bootstrap components and HTML elements
  • Includes bug fixes for the usual suspects: hasLayout, inline-block bug, z-index bug., etc
  • VM tested for greatest reliability


How to Use

Add this conditional after bootstrap.css:

<!--[if lt IE 8]>
  <link href="css/bootstrap-ie7fix.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

If you're not already using Respond.js, you'll need to add it to support media queries.


  • Tested with Bootstrap version 3.0.2
  • Most of the core components of Bootstrap have been tested -- grid system, buttons, forms, tables, etc., but there is more to work on.
  • To avoid the need for a box-sizing polyfill, the grid system is overriden with the Bootstrap 2.3.2 grid layout.
  • If you want to test or help improve, Microsoft provides free VMs (here) for testing in older versions of IE. This is far more accurate than the version emulator in IE.

Special thanks to coliff for a starting point, and rassie for the Glyphicon code.


Released under the Apache 2 license.