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Javascript/PHP Spell Checker

Word processor style spell check functionality for web applications.

Live Demo:


Javascript/PHP Spell Checker makes it easy to add an MS Word-style spell checker to any web application with almost no configuration. It's fast, lightweight, and works in all major browsers.


  • Designed to mimic the appearance and feel of desktop word processor spell checkers.
  • Provides a list of suggestions for misspelled words.
  • Add spell check to any <textarea> or <div contenteditable="true">
  • Pure Javascript - requires no external libraries.
  • Fast and lightweight - less than 4KB, minified and gzipped.
  • Tested in IE7+, Firefox 4+, Safari 4+, and Chrome.


  • PHP 5.3+ with Pspell extension installed

Getting Started

Copy spellcheck.php to your web directory. Include spellcheck.min.css and spellcheck.min.js into your page:

	<link rel="stylesheet" href="spellcheck.min.css">
	<script src="spellcheck.min.js"></script>

Initialize the spell checker when the DOM is ready. There are three required parameters:

var checker = new sc.SpellChecker({
	button: 'spellcheck_button', // HTML element that will open the spell checker when clicked
	textInput: 'text_box', // HTML field containing the text to spell check
	action: 'spellcheck.php' // URL of the server side script 
<textarea id="text_box"></textarea>
<input type="button" id="spellcheck_button" value="Check Spelling">

Installing Pspell

You'll need to install aspell, a dictionary, and the php-pspell module if not already installed:

sudo yum install aspell aspell-en
sudo yum install php-pspell

Then restart Apache:

sudo service httpd restart

API Reference


  <td>Mixed<br />Default: <code>""</code></td>
  <td>Button that opens spell checker. Accepts an element ID string, element, or jQuery object.</td>

  <td>Mixed<br />Default: <code>""</code></td>
  <td>Text input to spell check. Accepts an element ID string, element, or jQuery object.</td>

  <td>String<br />Default: <code>""</code></td>
  <td>Parameter name of text sent to server.</td>

  <td>Object<br />Default: <code>{}</code></td>
  <td>Additional data to send to the server.</td>

  <td>Boolean<br />Default: <code>false</code></td>
  <td>Set to <code>true</code> to log progress messages and server response in the console.</td>
Name Type Description
action String
Default: ""
Location of spellcheck.php on the server.

Callback Functions

  <td><code>button</code> (Element),<br /><code>text</code> (String)</td>
  <td>Function to be called after the spell checker is closed.<br /><br />The function gets passed two arguments: (1) a reference to the spell check button; (2) a string containing the spell checked text, including any changes.</td>
Name Arguments Description
onOpen button (Element),
text (String)
Function to be called when spell checker is opened, after successful server response.

The function gets passed two arguments: (1) a reference to the spell check button; (2) a string containing the text that is to be spell checked.

Instance Methods

Name Arguments Description
destroy none Completely removes spell check functionality. All event listeners, CSS classes, and DOM elements added by the plugin are removed.


Released under the MIT license. alpha


Javascript plugin for adding a spell checker to web applications.






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