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A Tiny Simulated LSST Survey

10 years. 6 filters. 1 tiny patch of sky. Thousands of time-variable cosmological distance probes.

Co-add image from a few hundred gri images of the Twinkles 1 field, from Run 1.1

In the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration we are interested in making high accuracy cosmological measurements of type IA supernovae and strong gravitational lens time delays with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope data. To do this, we need to build a number of software instruments, and these must be tested and validated against realistic simulated data. We are using the LSST photon simulator PhoSim to generate a ten year, 6-filter set of mock images of a small patch of moderate Galactic latitude sky, containing an unrealistic overdensity of supernovae and lensed quasars but with realistic observing conditions and cadence. See the documents below for more details of our evolving plans and progress to date.

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Some of these links are quite old, but will have to do while we write up our progress so far as a set of LSST DESC Notes.


Check out all of our GitHub contributions!

Credits etc

This is work in progress. If you would like to cite the Twinkles project in your research, please use '(LSST DESC, in prep.)' for now, and provide the URL of this repository. We aim to release our data products along with a companion paper during the DESC DC1 era, c. 2016. If you are interested in this project, feel free to post greetings, comments or queries to the issues.

All content is Copyright 2015, 2016 the above authors, and distributed under the MIT License, which means you can do whatever you like with it but agree not to blame us - but we'd prefer it if you kept in touch while you did so!


10 years. 6 filters. 1 tiny patch of sky. Thousands of time-variable cosmological distance probes.




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