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This is a driver library for the cc1101 module for RCSwitch. Best thanks to ELECHOUSE that I may make modified library accessible to all. You need RC-Switch!!! . For NewRemoteSwitch: . Here you can buy modules:
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driver lib commands and examples.txt

RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V2.21 HOTFIX ESP32!


If you like the library, support me with a donation.

"Some things are priceless - for everything else there is this donation fund"

"Coffee is a good partner - but it also has to be paid for"

Thank You!

Remotes Fusion APP has the following features.

  • 1.Up to 15 transmitters with two buttons or one button.
  • 2.RcSwitch and NewRemoteswitch mixed possible.
  • 3.Each transmitter can broadcast on its own frequency.
  • 4.Dimmer for NewRemoteSwitch. Can dim compatible lamps.
  • 5.Monitor mode.
  • 6.Repeater and receiver mode.
  • 7.Transmitters can be taught in or manually set.
  • 8.Ap mode and client mode.
  • 9.For access via the internet see the instructions.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V2.21


Driver Library :Spi options have been removed. (Problems with ESP32) FIXED!

notes :everything was checked again. D-SUN module on esp8266 / 32 and so on.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V2.2


Version notes :Spi was reconfigured for fix some issuses.

Driver Library :HotFix for cc1101 module with "8pins"(example DSun). Transmitting on Esp8266 based bords not work. FIXED!

Driver Library :Change "SpiReadStatus" to public. Now can read RSSI Level!

Driver Library :Spi transfer rate was limited to cc1101 max transfer rate (10mhz).

Driver Library :After using Spi, it will now be disabled. (receive data from serial monitor and rx pin was not working on Esp 8266/32) FIXED!

Add Examples :ReceiveDemo_Simple_with_RSSI_cc1101.ino (Shows reception strength)

Add Examples :Frequency_Scanner_cc1101.ino (Scans Transmitting frequency of your remotes. No good results with cc1101-DSun)

Add Examples :ProtocolAnalyzeDemo_cc1101.ino (for scan unknown protokolls. Requires: link is in sketch!)

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V2.1


Driver Library :Spi corrections for esp32. Spi Pin changes did not work on esp32. FIXED!

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V2.0


Driver Library :Own Spi pin settings possible. Allows the use of other microcontrollers. Allows you to use multiple CC1101s. More information in the commands.txt

Add TXT :driver lib commands and examples.txt

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.93


Driver Library :setESP8266 has been removed. Pins are set automatically with the init command.

Driver Library :Arduino mega SPI pins added.

Driver Library :Added setGDO pins (For libraries that directly address the GDO pins).Like this . Example ELECHOUSE_CC1101.setGDO(2, 4); // (pin2 = GDO0, pin4 = GDO2).

Add Wiring TXT :WIRING MEGA.txt

Add Wiring JPG :WIRING MEGA.jpg


notes :setGDO is not compatible with RC_Switch / NewRemotSwitch.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.92


Fixes Remotes Fusion :Receive mode and Repeater mode frequency, changes to the transmitter frequency after pressing on a transmitter. (RemotesFusion.ino)Fixed!

NewRemoteSwitch :LearnCode_cc1101.ino (corrections).

Added :Keywords.txt added.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.91


New Sketch :Clear_EEPROM.ino (if there are problems with the access point password or if you want to use your ESP for other projects).

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.9


New Sketch :RemotesFusion.ino.

New Apk´s :RemotesFusion_V1_en.apk / RemotesFusion_V1_de.apk.

Add Docs :Docs and manuals for RemotesFusion.

Changes :channel spacing and channel set was removed from the examples. unnecessary because exact frequency can be set.

notes :RemotesFusion is an application with which Rc-Switch and NewRemoteSwitch can be controlled at the same time. A universal remote control APP with many possibilities. Only for Esp 8266/32 modules! For more information, watch the docs.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.8

Download Release V1.8


Driver Library :Added pin settings for esp32.

Examples :Added pin settings for esp32 examples.

Add Wiring JPG :Add Wiring JPG esp32.

Add Wiring TXT :Add Wiring TXT esp32.

Add Wiring JPG :Add Wiring JPG esp32 for Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.72

Download Release V1.72


Examples :All NewRemoteSwitch examples are compatible with ESP. Exception Retransmitter_cc1101.ino.

Driver Library :Frequency calculator calibrated. Difference -0.01 MHz. (Fixed!) Frequency is now accurate.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.71

Download Release V1.71


Driver Library :Now you can Switch the frequency in loop. Examples: ELECHOUSE_cc1101.SetTx(433.92); and ELECHOUSE_cc1101.SetRx(433.92);.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.7

Download Release V1.7


Driver Library :Now you can enter your base frequency directly.The library calculates the settings automatically. example(433.92)

Driver Library :Remove freq2, freq1 and freq0 Settings.

Driver Library :Removed unnecessary entries. the library shrank from 32,8kb(.cpp) and 9,38kb(.h) to 17,0kb(.cpp) and 7,87kb(.h).

New Example :(NewRemoteSwitch Library) NewRemoteRepeater.ino. Repeat the Received signal 1to1. Best thanks to Roman for write it.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.61

Download Release V1.61


Examples Fix (rc-switch):Fix auto receive pulse. Received pulse don´t transmit. Fixed!(Repeater.ino and Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino).

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.6

Download Release V1.6


Esp8266 :Compatibility for all RC switch examples.

Driver Library :Add the GDO2 pin for Receive. Change GDO0 to send.

Wiring changes :Description in jpg's and txt's.

Examples :All examples have been adjusted.

Examples :Esp and Arduino are set automatically.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.5

Download Release V1.5


New :Supportet NewRemoteSwitch Library. For wireless sockets by trust smart home, Smappee, DI-O Chacon, Intertechno and others. You want to use it? Then you need that

Add Examples :NewRemoteSwitch Compatible examples.

Driver Library :You can now switch directly from Tx to Rx in the loop. Without resetting the cc1101.

Add Examples :New Repeater Example for Rc-switch. For example, to increase the range of your remote control.

Example changes :Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino (remove unnecessary commands).

Examples Fix :Rc-Switch examples fix TypeA, TypeB and TypeD (missing from semicolon to SetTx).

Notes :NewRemoteSwitch examples Retransmitter_cc1101.ino and LightShow_cc1101.ino only Arduino!!!

Notes :Rc-switch example Repeater_cc1101.ino only Arduino!!!

Notes :Rc-switch example Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino only Arduino!!!

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.4

Download Release V1.4


Driver Library :esp8266 Compatibility (Tested with Wemos d1 mini).

Driver Library :Change default Receive filter bandwidth to 812khz (max).

Driver Library :Change default Tx Power to PA10 (max).

Examples :Add set esp command and pin settings.

Examples :Diskription change.

Demo Example :Add auto Recive and Send pulse length. (Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino)

Add Wiring JPG :Add Wiring JPG esp8266.

Add Wiring TXT :Add Wiring TXT esp8266.

Notes :esp8266 pin D4 don´t work with receive, Transmit and receive is set to D2.

Notes :esp8266 don´t work with Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino (freezes when reset cc1101).

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.31

Download Release V1.31


Driver Library Fix :no effect set by transmission power.

Driver Library :Transmitting power can be adjusted via frequency(example in the sketches).

Examples :Command Tx Power cleared.

Examples Fix :set Receive filter bandwidth (command incomplete) Fixed.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.3

Download Release V1.3


Driver Library :Add Channel List. Now you can set channel numbers 0-255.

Driver Library :Add bandwidth can be adjusted

Driver Library :transmission power can be adjusted

Driver Library :can set your own frequency settings (freq2, freq1, freq0)

Driver Library :Channel spacing can be set.

Examples :Add set new commands

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.2

Download Release V1.2


Driver Library :Add 315Mhz Support.

Driver Library :Add Channel command for finetune (80khz steps) from 420mhz - 440mhz / 302mhz - 322mhz.

Examples :Add set channel command in examples.

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.1

Download Release V1.1


Driver Library Fix :Calibrated Frequency from 433.86 to 433.92 - 433.93 Mhz.

Driver Library :cc1101 reset command added (allows switching between send and receive.)

New Demo Example :Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino (Sends last received decimal code) To illustrate the change between RX and TX (press button = send / do not press button = receive)

Add Wiring JPG :Wiring for Receive_Send_Decimal_Demo_Simple.ino

Add Wiring JPG :Wiring for Nano / Uno

Changelog: RCSwitch-CC1101-Driver-Lib_V1.0

Download Release V1.0


cc1101 Compatibility for RC-Switch.

cc1101 RC-Switch Compatible examples.

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