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internal.h -
created at: Tue May 17 11:42:20 JST 2011
Copyright (C) 2011 Yukihiro Matsumoto
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
#if 0
} /* satisfy cc-mode */
struct rb_deprecated_classext_struct {
char conflict[sizeof(VALUE) * 3];
struct rb_classext_struct {
VALUE super;
struct st_table *iv_tbl;
struct st_table *const_tbl;
VALUE origin;
#define RCLASS_EXT(c) (RCLASS(c)->ptr)
#define RCLASS_SUPER(c) (RCLASS_EXT(c)->super)
#define RCLASS_IV_TBL(c) (RCLASS_EXT(c)->iv_tbl)
#define RCLASS_CONST_TBL(c) (RCLASS_EXT(c)->const_tbl)
#define RCLASS_M_TBL(c) (RCLASS(c)->m_tbl)
#define RCLASS_IV_INDEX_TBL(c) (RCLASS(c)->iv_index_tbl)
#define RCLASS_ORIGIN(c) (RCLASS_EXT(c)->origin)
struct vtm; /* defined by timev.h */
/* array.c */
VALUE rb_ary_last(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
void rb_ary_set_len(VALUE, long);
VALUE rb_ary_cat(VALUE, const VALUE *, long);
/* bignum.c */
VALUE rb_big_fdiv(VALUE x, VALUE y);
VALUE rb_big_uminus(VALUE x);
/* class.c */
VALUE rb_obj_methods(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE obj);
VALUE rb_obj_protected_methods(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE obj);
VALUE rb_obj_private_methods(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE obj);
VALUE rb_obj_public_methods(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE obj);
int rb_obj_basic_to_s_p(VALUE);
void Init_class_hierarchy(void);
/* compile.c */
int rb_dvar_defined(ID);
int rb_local_defined(ID);
int rb_parse_in_eval(void);
int rb_parse_in_main(void);
VALUE rb_insns_name_array(void);
/* cont.c */
VALUE rb_obj_is_fiber(VALUE);
void rb_fiber_reset_root_local_storage(VALUE);
/* debug.c */
PRINTF_ARGS(void ruby_debug_printf(const char*, ...), 1, 2);
/* dmyext.c */
void Init_ext(void);
/* encoding.c */
ID rb_id_encoding(void);
/* encoding.c */
void rb_gc_mark_encodings(void);
/* error.c */
NORETURN(PRINTF_ARGS(void rb_compile_bug(const char*, int, const char*, ...), 3, 4));
VALUE rb_check_backtrace(VALUE);
NORETURN(void rb_async_bug_errno(const char *,int));
const char *rb_builtin_type_name(int t);
/* eval_error.c */
void ruby_error_print(void);
VALUE rb_get_backtrace(VALUE info);
/* eval_jump.c */
void rb_call_end_proc(VALUE data);
/* file.c */
VALUE rb_home_dir(const char *user, VALUE result);
VALUE rb_realpath_internal(VALUE basedir, VALUE path, int strict);
void rb_file_const(const char*, VALUE);
int rb_file_load_ok(const char *);
void Init_File(void);
/* gc.c */
void Init_heap(void);
void *ruby_mimmalloc(size_t size);
/* inits.c */
void rb_call_inits(void);
/* io.c */
const char *ruby_get_inplace_mode(void);
void ruby_set_inplace_mode(const char *);
ssize_t rb_io_bufread(VALUE io, void *buf, size_t size);
void rb_stdio_set_default_encoding(void);
/* iseq.c */
VALUE rb_iseq_clone(VALUE iseqval, VALUE newcbase);
/* load.c */
VALUE rb_get_load_path(void);
NORETURN(void rb_load_fail(VALUE, const char*));
/* math.c */
VALUE rb_math_atan2(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE rb_math_cos(VALUE);
VALUE rb_math_cosh(VALUE);
VALUE rb_math_exp(VALUE);
VALUE rb_math_hypot(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE rb_math_log(int argc, VALUE *argv);
VALUE rb_math_sin(VALUE);
VALUE rb_math_sinh(VALUE);
VALUE rb_math_sqrt(VALUE);
/* newline.c */
void Init_newline(void);
/* numeric.c */
int rb_num_to_uint(VALUE val, unsigned int *ret);
int ruby_float_step(VALUE from, VALUE to, VALUE step, int excl);
double ruby_float_mod(double x, double y);
/* object.c */
VALUE rb_obj_equal(VALUE obj1, VALUE obj2);
/* parse.y */
VALUE rb_parser_get_yydebug(VALUE);
VALUE rb_parser_set_yydebug(VALUE, VALUE);
int rb_is_const_name(VALUE name);
int rb_is_class_name(VALUE name);
int rb_is_global_name(VALUE name);
int rb_is_instance_name(VALUE name);
int rb_is_attrset_name(VALUE name);
int rb_is_local_name(VALUE name);
int rb_is_method_name(VALUE name);
int rb_is_junk_name(VALUE name);
/* proc.c */
VALUE rb_proc_location(VALUE self);
st_index_t rb_hash_proc(st_index_t hash, VALUE proc);
/* process.c */
struct rb_execarg {
int use_shell;
union {
struct {
VALUE shell_script;
} sh;
struct {
VALUE command_name;
VALUE command_abspath; /* full path string or nil */
VALUE argv_str;
VALUE argv_buf;
} cmd;
} invoke;
VALUE redirect_fds;
VALUE envp_str;
VALUE envp_buf;
VALUE dup2_tmpbuf;
unsigned pgroup_given : 1;
unsigned umask_given : 1;
unsigned unsetenv_others_given : 1;
unsigned unsetenv_others_do : 1;
unsigned close_others_given : 1;
unsigned close_others_do : 1;
unsigned chdir_given : 1;
unsigned new_pgroup_given : 1;
unsigned new_pgroup_flag : 1;
rb_pid_t pgroup_pgid; /* asis(-1), new pgroup(0), specified pgroup (0<V). */
VALUE rlimit_limits; /* Qfalse or [[rtype, softlim, hardlim], ...] */
mode_t umask_mask;
VALUE fd_dup2;
VALUE fd_close;
VALUE fd_open;
VALUE fd_dup2_child;
int close_others_maxhint;
VALUE env_modification; /* Qfalse or [[k1,v1], ...] */
VALUE chdir_dir;
/* argv_str contains extra two elements.
* The beginning one is for /bin/sh used by exec_with_sh.
* The last one for terminating NULL used by execve.
* See rb_exec_fillarg() in process.c. */
#define ARGVSTR2ARGC(argv_str) (RSTRING_LEN(argv_str) / sizeof(char *) - 2)
#define ARGVSTR2ARGV(argv_str) ((char **)RSTRING_PTR(argv_str) + 1)
rb_pid_t rb_fork_ruby(int *status);
/* rational.c */
VALUE rb_lcm(VALUE x, VALUE y);
VALUE rb_rational_reciprocal(VALUE x);
/* re.c */
VALUE rb_reg_compile(VALUE str, int options, const char *sourcefile, int sourceline);
VALUE rb_reg_check_preprocess(VALUE);
/* signal.c */
int rb_get_next_signal(void);
/* strftime.c */
size_t rb_strftime_timespec(char *s, size_t maxsize, const char *format, rb_encoding *enc,
const struct vtm *vtm, struct timespec *ts, int gmt);
size_t rb_strftime(char *s, size_t maxsize, const char *format, rb_encoding *enc,
const struct vtm *vtm, VALUE timev, int gmt);
/* string.c */
int rb_str_buf_cat_escaped_char(VALUE result, unsigned int c, int unicode_p);
int rb_str_symname_p(VALUE);
/* struct.c */
VALUE rb_struct_init_copy(VALUE copy, VALUE s);
/* time.c */
struct timeval rb_time_timeval(VALUE);
/* thread.c */
VALUE rb_obj_is_mutex(VALUE obj);
VALUE ruby_suppress_tracing(VALUE (*func)(VALUE, int), VALUE arg, int always);
void rb_thread_execute_interrupts(VALUE th);
void rb_clear_trace_func(void);
VALUE rb_get_coverages(void);
VALUE rb_thread_shield_new(void);
VALUE rb_thread_shield_wait(VALUE self);
VALUE rb_thread_shield_release(VALUE self);
VALUE rb_thread_shield_destroy(VALUE self);
/* thread_pthread.c, thread_win32.c */
void Init_native_thread(void);
/* vm.c */
VALUE rb_obj_is_thread(VALUE obj);
void rb_vm_mark(void *ptr);
void Init_BareVM(void);
VALUE rb_vm_top_self(void);
void rb_thread_recycle_stack_release(VALUE *);
void rb_vm_change_state(void);
void rb_vm_inc_const_missing_count(void);
void rb_thread_mark(void *th);
const void **rb_vm_get_insns_address_table(void);
VALUE rb_sourcefilename(void);
/* vm_dump.c */
void rb_vm_bugreport(void);
/* vm_eval.c */
void Init_vm_eval(void);
VALUE rb_current_realfilepath(void);
/* vm_method.c */
void Init_eval_method(void);
int rb_method_defined_by(VALUE obj, ID mid, VALUE (*cfunc)(ANYARGS));
/* miniprelude.c, prelude.c */
void Init_prelude(void);
/* vm_backtrace.c */
void Init_vm_backtrace(void);
VALUE rb_thread_backtrace(VALUE thval);
VALUE rb_make_backtrace(void);
void rb_backtrace_print_as_bugreport(void);
int rb_backtrace_p(VALUE obj);
VALUE rb_backtrace_to_str_ary(VALUE obj);
VALUE rb_vm_backtrace_object();
#if defined __GNUC__ && __GNUC__ >= 4
#pragma GCC visibility push(default)
const char *rb_objspace_data_type_name(VALUE obj);
/* Temporary. This API will be removed (renamed). */
VALUE rb_thread_io_blocking_region(rb_blocking_function_t *func, void *data1, int fd);
/* experimental.
* These APIs can be changed on Ruby 1.9.4 or later.
* We will change these APIs (spac, name and so on) if there are something wrong.
* If you use these APIs, catch up future changes.
void *rb_thread_call_with_gvl(void *(*func)(void *), void *data1);
VALUE rb_thread_call_without_gvl(
rb_blocking_function_t *func, void *data1,
rb_unblock_function_t *ubf, void *data2);
/* io.c */
void rb_maygvl_fd_fix_cloexec(int fd);
/* process.c */
int rb_exec_async_signal_safe(const struct rb_execarg *e, char *errmsg, size_t errmsg_buflen);
rb_pid_t rb_fork_async_signal_safe(int *status, int (*chfunc)(void*, char *, size_t), void *charg, VALUE fds, char *errmsg, size_t errmsg_buflen);
VALUE rb_execarg_new(int argc, VALUE *argv, int accept_shell);
struct rb_execarg *rb_execarg_get(VALUE execarg_obj); /* dangerous. needs GC guard. */
VALUE rb_execarg_init(int argc, VALUE *argv, int accept_shell, VALUE execarg_obj);
int rb_execarg_addopt(VALUE execarg_obj, VALUE key, VALUE val);
void rb_execarg_fixup(VALUE execarg_obj);
int rb_execarg_run_options(const struct rb_execarg *e, struct rb_execarg *s, char* errmsg, size_t errmsg_buflen);
VALUE rb_execarg_extract_options(VALUE execarg_obj, VALUE opthash);
void rb_execarg_setenv(VALUE execarg_obj, VALUE env);
#if defined __GNUC__ && __GNUC__ >= 4
#pragma GCC visibility pop
#if defined(__cplusplus)
#if 0
{ /* satisfy cc-mode */
} /* extern "C" { */
#endif /* RUBY_INTERNAL_H */
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