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The aim of the ViziQuer project is to provide visual/diagrammatic environment for ontology-based data query definition and execution.

See for the tool description.

Installation and Configuration

To setup ViziQuer

  1. Download and install Meteor framework, follow instructions:
  2. Create a directory for ViziQuer on your computer and then perform git clone for this repository
  3. To run Meteor, type meteor in the ViziQuer directory. To run on a specific port, type, for example, meteor --port 4000.
  4. Open browser and type localhost:3000 (default port: 3000) or with the specified port localhost:4000
  5. To load ViziQuer configuration, go to Configurator (in panel on left) and create a tool, for example, VQ and then click button Import. Then upload the VQ configuration file (e.g. vq_configuration_dump_vnn.json) from ./jsons directory.