Generate models from reading your database
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Modelgen generates working database interaction code from reading your MySQL / MariaDB database.


brew tap lushdigital/tools
brew install modelgen

This will install modelgen under /usr/local/bin.

If you want to uninstall it, simply delete it, or run brew uninstall modelgen


modelgen assumes your database will follow a couple conventions:

  • tables must have a primary key id field
  • column names must not collide with a valid Go type, ex: string

The primary id doesn't need to auto-increment, though it is recommended.


In cases where you want the migrations to be generated in a particular order (ex. because of foreign key constraints) you can control this by simply adding a comment to your id field.

This format must take the following format:

# for example a the user table id has the comment:

# then the user_post table id has the comment:

by doing so you ensure that the user table always gets migrated before the user_post table.



Available Commands:
  generate    Generate models from a database connection
  help        Help about any command
  migrate     Generate migration files from a database connection

  -c, --connection string   user:pass@host:port
  -d, --database string     name of database
  -h, --help                help for this command
  -o, --output string       path to package (default "generated_models")
  -p, --package string      name of package (default "generated_models")


# Create models
modelgen generate -c root:pass@localhost:3306 -d my-db -o models

# Create migrations
modelgen migrate -c root:pass@localhost:3306 -d my-db -o migrations

Visual Aid:



Modelgen is built using the following amazing libraries: