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Las Venturas Playground


Running Las Venturas Playground yourself

The following steps will help you compile and run Las Venturas Playground on your own computer. Please do read the contribution guide if you're considering contributing!


Las Venturas Playground installation:

  1. Create a folder named LVP somewhere on your computer.
  2. Check out the server-staging repository in the LVP\server-staging directory.
  3. Check out the playground repository in the LVP\playground directory.
  4. Go to LVP\playground\pawn\. 1. Create a new file called AUTHOR with a single line noting your e-mail address. 2. Open lvp.ppr with the LVP Pawn Editor and click F5 to compile. 3. You should now have a file called lvp.amx in this directory.
  5. Go to LVP\server-staging\. 1. Run dev-init.bat as an administrator. This will create some symbolic links.
  6. Go to LVP\server-staging\server\. 1. Create a new file called database.json in this directory, and paste the contents of this gist. It grants you read-only access to the test server database. 2. Run samp-server.exe. You are now running Las Venturas Playground.

Developers having made some larger contributions to Las Venturas Playground will be granted write access to the test server database, enabling them to test features more comprehensively.