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FreakinsPL committed Aug 4, 2020
1 parent 37092bc commit 214f884d707c53c6cf6b3c3562b6e04e62a5fbd7
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"data": [
"{CEEE30}As a temporary administrator, there are some key points you should keep in mind:",
"{EE7530}1. {CEEE30}Be nice, be respectful, and more importantly, stay calm in all situations.",
"{EE7530}2. {CEEE30}Useful commands: /watch, /stopwatch, /p, /mute, /jail, /kick, /ban, /fix, /weapons, /v, /vr, /flip, /cruise.",
"{EE7530}2. {CEEE30}Useful commands: /watch, /stopwatch, /p, /mute, /jail, /kick, /ban, /fix, /v, /vr, /flip, /cruise.",
"{EE7530}3. {CEEE30}Utilize verbal warnings, /mute, /jail, and /kick more often over /ban. Remember, GTA is all about chaos and breaking the rules.",
"{EE7530}4. {CEEE30}Avoid banning for minor offenses such as ship-nading, interior-nading, fake timeouts, command abusing in fights, and swearing when not done excessively.",
"{EE7530}5. {CEEE30}Always test for health hacks using /p handofgod and /fix. If they don't work on de-synced players, use /reconnect. DO NOT ban based on the outcomes of /p burn and /p nuke alone.",

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