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Changed to, since is no longer available.
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XilentLVP committed Jun 24, 2020
1 parent 015d6d3 commit c321a0b178b212c46251ddb997429fec9f2803fd
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"derby": "Have you tried our derbies yet? Use /derby to sign up!",
"discord": "Join us on the official LVP Discord Server at",
"dm": "Love fighting? Train your skills and explore our deathmatch arenas using /deathmatch!",
"donate": "VIP access is given with donations! for more info!",
"donate": "VIP access is given with donations! Just open in your browser for more info!",
"forum": "Be part of our community and stay updated with the latest news at!",
"interior": "Running in to interiors or houses, pausing and teleporting away while being attacked or fighting are NOT allowed!",
"irc": "Join us on GTANet IRC! Just open in your browser.",

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