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An chatbot with Political Compass Framework Of Ethics, basic human emotions, and simple code breaking abilities. And yes this is a prototype.
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Bianca is an Artificial personality designed to break simple ciphers.

You can also interact with her using simple language.

To install streamer:

sudo apt-get install streamer

Upcoming Features (Not Available Yet)

  1. Manual teaching algorithm for politics, community, and language.
  2. Political compass framework of chatbot dialogue (what the machine speaks) ethics.
  3. Instead of random expressions within a narrow conversational scope, a wider amount of topics.


Bianca can only be manually taught information, rather than automatic learning. If I can figure out a cool down switch (kill switch is to cruel) then I will implement automatic.

Purpose for framework of ethics.

Ever wondered why AIs couldn't factor in ethics in their decision making? This isn't entirely true: rather (like human children) they might be taught behaviour. Think of the programmer being like a teacher or parent. The goal of the political compass test is not necessarily make this chatbot particularly leftist or rightist, but rather provides the ability to make such decisions.

For now, Bianca needs a human surrogate, but I'm open for ways to automate this, without making them an exact clone of her parents.

Harder topics to teach.

Meta-biology, meta-physics, meta-chemistry, meta-psychology. These wont be so much taught, as incorporated into her chat behaviour patterns.

Meta in this context, should be thought of as "Over Time".

I never meta-BIANCA I didn't like.


Preview for next release is in rChatbots.

This might take awhile to fully update, as I'm including cryptographic hashing to sense whether images, videos, and sounds are similar, and whether files have been changed.

Currently Complete

Simple actions non repeating actions per program run time. Break simple cryptography and steganography. Political Compass Ethics Framework partially complete. Familial associations and memory. The ChatBot's personal hobboies. Core identity specific qualities. Simple vision detection (sameness, whether file is changed.)

Future Plans

Merging with Yacy and Artoo, so a physical body can actually search for things.

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