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* Copyright LWJGL. All rights reserved.
* License terms:
#version 110
uniform mat4 invViewProj;
uniform vec3 cameraPosition;
varying vec3 dir;
void main(void) {
// Compute the view direction in world-space by unprojecting the clip space
// (in this case NDC space) fullscreen quad vertex coordinates by transforming
// them with the inverse of the view-projection matrix.
vec4 tmp = invViewProj * vec4(gl_Vertex.xy, 0.0, 1.0);
// Do perspective divide to get from homogeneous space to real 3D coordinates.
dir = / tmp.w;
// Subtract the camera position to get the actual direction vector originating
// from the camera and going through the near clipping plane into the scene.
dir -= cameraPosition;
// Simply pass-through the vertex which was already in clip space.
gl_Position = gl_Vertex;