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Learn how to take your application to the next level. With hapi.js training you will learn about the internals of hapi.js as well as how to use it to enable teams to build web applications and services.

With this training, you will learn

How to create a micro-services tier using Hapi.js including distributed plugin development, testing hapi servers, builds, and deployment. Included will be the resources and knowledge to be able to help other groups do the same thing.


Preparations for this training

In order to prepare to this training you should/must do the following List of readings and exercises. If you have questions, please open an issue and we will be glad to answer, you might be helping other participants too.


  • Complete some of the makemehapi workshopper.
  • Come up with an API that you would like to build, nothing too fancy, just a few endpoints that you would like to expose. It could be anything you like, here are some data source ideas:
    • An API that exists but you'd like to make it better
    • A combination of a few different publicly accessible APIs
    • A site that has data in HTML but not no data API to serve the data

Some places to find inspiration for data and APIs:


  • Laptop
  • hapi.js installed

28 jun - 17:30h Participants

27 jun - 14:30h Participants