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!Deprecated Note

This project is deprecated. For a new please use lyra-crypto package:


Lyra Broker is a gateway for any platform/languages to connect to the Lyra blockchain.

Change Log

ver 1.1

  • Upgrade all package to latest version (dotnet, gRPC, and Lyra)
  • gRPC api uses http2 port 3505, swagger/rest api uses http1 port 3506
  • gRPC latest version uses string to present data type 'long'

Note: please note that the first entry of transaction history always show zero balance change

Build and run your own release

Build LyraBorker.

modify appsettings.json for LyraBroker, change

"network": "testnet"

to testnet/mainnet. then run LyraBorker.

Run from

for testnet:

docker pull wizdy/lyrabroker:testnet_latest
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -it -p 3505:3505 -p 3506:3506 wizdy/lyrabroker:testnet_latest

for mainnet:

docker pull wizdy/lyrabroker:mainnet_latest
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -it -p 3505:3505 -p 3506:3506 wizdy/lyrabroker:mainnet_latest

Demo broker for testnet

Lyra Broker generic API specification

For now we only provides these basic API:

  • CreateAccount: create a new account (private/public key pair) for Lyra.
  • ValidateAccountID: validate a Lyra account ID.
  • ValidatePrivateKey: validate a Lyra private key.
  • GetAccountIdFromPrivateKey: get account ID from a private key.
  • GetStatus: get the current status of Lyra network.
  • GetBalance: get latest balance of account. (implicit receive);
  • Send: send funds to other account.
  • GetTransactions: query transaction history for a Lyra account. (Note: This API only show change/balance of LYR)
  • GetTransByHash: query single transaction by tx hash.

For advanced features of Lyra, such as token creation, NFT, etc. please use Lyra native web API instead.

Client Intergration

Lyra Broker use standard gRPC to provide services. Any client/systems can talk by gRPC can use the broker.

Lyra Broker also provides RESTful API.

Note for gRPC API

We have a wallet running on Node-JS for demo: LyraJsWallet. More examples comming soon.

The Google protobuf file is here:

For more language support please visit:

Note for RESTFul API

After setup docker container, document can be accessed by: http://[docker ip]:3506/swagger/index.html

Security concerns

Lyra Broker is NOT supposed to be running on public server because it knows your private keys. Please run it in private/trusted environment. And more importantly, never use any other's Lyra Broker services or your funds could lost.


a generic gRPC gateway to Lyra network that provides services to all other platforms/languages.







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