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Hackathon UPC 2017 Spring - Ionic app using the FIB API
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Ionic FIB is an application made with the Ionic v2 Framework. And as a result, it gives an Android compatible application. As it is a webapp, it also can be executed on Web.

The main goal of this app is to check the new FIB API v2. Accessing both sides of it. The public part and the private part, which requires an OAuth authentication.

What do we offer?

At the moment the application does tiny actions, like:

  • Authenticating with OAuth v2.
  • Shows the user day planning.
  • Shows the user alerts.
  • Calendar which gives the opportunity to the user to select the subjects that he want to study. The algorithm reports the user one of the bests combinations. Combination based in: less overlap, less 'dead hours', ... .

What's next?

  • Remember the login. At the moment the application asks the password every time that is opened.
  • Many features that this app offers to the developers (I won't tell which ones, it's a secret shhh).
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