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TL;DR Benchmark private inference and training on standard neural networks using Function Secret Sharing.


This is the open-source implementation for the AriaNN framework paper:

ARIANN: Low-Interaction Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning via Function Secret Sharing

by Théo Ryffel, Pierre Tholoniat, David Pointcheval, Francis Bach


Speed Inference

Benchmark private evaluation of Resnet18 on one batch of size 2 with preprocessing.

python --model resnet18 --dataset hymenoptera --batch_size 2 --preprocess

Full evaluation

Compute the test accuracy of a pretrained Alexnet on Tiny Imagenet and compare it to its plain text accuracy.

python --model alexnet --dataset tiny-imagenet --batch_size 32 --test

Full training

Train a small CNN on MNIST for 15 epochs and compute accuracy achieved.

python --model network2 --dataset mnist --train --epochs 15 --lr 0.01


usage: [-h] [--model MODEL] [--dataset DATASET] [--batch_size BATCH_SIZE] [--test_batch_size TEST_BATCH_SIZE] [--preprocess] [--fp_only] [--public] [--test] [--train] [--epochs EPOCHS]
               [--lr LR] [--momentum MOMENTUM] [--websockets] [--verbose] [--log_interval LOG_INTERVAL] [--comm_info] [--pyarrow_info]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --model MODEL         model to use for inference (network1, network2, lenet, alexnet, vgg16, resnet18)
  --dataset DATASET     dataset to use (mnist, cifar10, hymenoptera, tiny-imagenet)
  --batch_size BATCH_SIZE
                        size of the batch to use. Default 128.
  --test_batch_size TEST_BATCH_SIZE
                        size of the batch to use
  --preprocess          [only for speed test] preprocess data or not
  --fp_only             Don't secret share values, just convert them to fix precision
  --public              [needs --train] Train without fix precision or secret sharing
  --test                run testing on the complete test dataset
  --train               run training for n epochs
  --epochs EPOCHS       [needs --train] number of epochs to train on. Default 15.
  --lr LR               [needs --train] learning rate of the SGD. Default 0.01.
  --momentum MOMENTUM   [needs --train] momentum of the SGD. Default 0.9.
  --websockets          use PyGrid nodes instead of a virtual network. (nodes are launched automatically)
  --verbose             show extra information and metrics
  --log_interval LOG_INTERVAL
                        [needs --test or --train] log intermediate metrics every n batches. Default 10.
  --comm_info           Print communication information
  --pyarrow_info        print information about PyArrow usage and failure


With Docker

docker-compose up

Connect to the container:

docker exec -ti ariann /bin/bash 

You can already start running the first experiments! Try:

python --model alexnet --dataset cifar10 --batch_size 128 --preprocess

To reproduce the paper experiments, see the page.

To perform cross-node execution (the WAN setting), you will need to install from source instead.

From Source

Alternatively, you can also install the code from source.

We assume the AriaNN code has been put at the home directory: ~/ariann

1. PySyft

Download PySyft from GitHub using the ryffel/ariaNN branch and install in editable mode:

cd ~
git clone
cd PySyft
git checkout a73b13aa84a8a9ad0923d87ff1b6c8c2facdeaa6
pip install -e .

You can already start running the first experiments! Try:

cd ~/ariann
python --model alexnet --dataset cifar10 --batch_size 128 --preprocess

But there are still some extras steps to have the whole setup!

2. PyGrid (for cross-node execution only)

To run experiments across different nodes, download PyGrid from GitHub.

cd ~
git clone
cd PyGrid
git checkout 1ded5901ce643c1abadd23f54cc84b9c25438f5b

Install poetry

curl -sSL | python -

Take a fresh tab, install with poetry (it might take a minute or two):

cd ~/PyGrid/apps/node
poetry install
poetry env info -p

Copy paste the path output, say <path>. Now reinstall manually PySyft in the env.

source <path>/bin/activate
cd ~/PySyft
pip install -e .

Experiments setup

Verify that the paths are correct in scripts/launch_***.sh:

cd ~/ariann
nano scripts/
nano scripts/
nano scripts/

Verify that the HOME path is correct:


There are 2 datasets that you need to install manually in your HOME:

  • Hymenoptera using the instructions:
    cd ~
  • Tiny Imagenet, from
    cd ~
    git clone
    cd pytorch-tiny-imagenet
    pip install opencv-python

The working directory is: cd ~/ariann

Troubleshooting with websockets

When you first launch the workers, you might have a SQL error. That's not important, just re-run the experiment and it will be gone.

Also, we recommend always testing an experiment locally (ie without --websockets) before using websockets, to make sure everything runs fine.



1 x 28 x 28 pixel images

Suitability: Network1, Network2, LeNet


3 x 32 x32 pixel images

Suitability: AlexNet and VGG16

Tiny Imagenet

3 x 64 x 64 pixel images

Suitability: AlexNet and VGG16


3 x 224 x 224 pixel images

Suitability: ResNet18

Support the project!

If you're enthusiastic about our project, ⭐️ it to show your support! ❤️


Low-Interaction Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning via Function Secret Sharing






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