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@@ -139,13 +139,20 @@ The `RawModule`s are used to generate to forms of output.
(`exposed-modules` in cabal) in `modulesE.txt`.
-#### Dependencies
-The generator depends on several packages.
-The special ones are
-* `haskell-src-exts` for representing the source code.
-* `CodeGenerating` to add extra functions to `haskell-src-exts` for
- generating source code, it can be found [here][codegen]
-* `opengl-api` [from noteed][parser] for parsing the spec files.
+### Dependencies
+The generator has some quite some dependencies, of which some are
+managed by using git submodules. The current submodules are
+* `CodeGenerating` to add some extra functions to `haskell-src-exts` for
+ generating source code.
+* `opengl-api` the [parser][parser] from noteed, which needs to be
+ patched for the latest version of the spec files.
+* `OpenGLRawgenBase` basic types also used in the interface, which could
+ be used without the generator.
+To simplify the installation (for both
+users and travis CI) there is a dependecy installation script
+``. This should be invoked with your favorite cabal
+command e.g. `./ cabal` or `./ cabal-dev`.
+Doing so will update the git submodules and install all the

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