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Gephi + Blueprints = Visualizing Large-scale Graphs

  • Blueprints is a collection of interfaces and test suites for a standardized property graph data model
  • Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for graphs
  • Rio is the connective tissue between the two

Rio Ecosystem


# prerequisites
sudo apt-get install --assume-yes maven
# <manually install JDK7>: download and install from"

# build v0.0.1 of gephi graphstore (omit once gephi publishes to mvn repo)
git clone
cd graphstore/store
mvn package
# <manually add jar>: ensure target/graphstore-0.1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar is in classpath for OS or IDE (i.e. IntelliJ/Eclipse)

# clone project
git clone rio
cd rio
mvn install

# verify tests
# <manually run> in IDE: src/test/java/org.lab41.bptutorial.TinkerTestSuite


  1. Blueprints Implementation: Enable Blueprints-enabled applications to interact with Gephi's storage backend
  2. Blueprints Ouplementation: Enable Gephi to interact with Blueprints-enabled storage backends
  3. Visualization Plugin: Develop a Gephi plugin to connect to Blueprints storage backend(s)


Note: Development is currently stopped post-implementation given the impending release of Tinkerpop3, which includes a Streaming Plugin for Gephi

  1. ✔ Implementation:
    • ✔ Graph
    • ✔ Element
    • ✔ Node
    • ✔ Edge
    • ✗ Manual Indexing (unsupported by Gephi's public APIs)
  2. ✗ Ouplementation:
  3. ✗ Visualization



Apache 2.0