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This is a little tutorial on how to load CSV data from Python into Titan using the Python library Bulbs. First we need to set up Xcode and Homebrew, which is a nice package manager for OSX:

Setup for OS X

Install XCode

  • Install Xcode through the App Store.
  • Install Xcode command line tools by:
    • Open Xcode
    • Open Menu Xcode > Preferences
    • Open "Downloads" tab and install the Command Line Tools

Install Python and Bulbs with Homebrew

Homebrew is a nice open source package manager for OS X. It's pretty simple to install. Be aware you'll be downloading things from the open web:

% ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
% echo 'export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH' >> .bashrc
% exec bash
% brew install python
% pip install bulbs

Download Titan

Bulbs needs Titan running behind Rexster, so you need to download the Titan Server package. After downloaded, start it up with:

% unzip
% cd titan-server-0.4.1
% ./bin/ start

Loading data into Titan

The script is pretty straightforward to use. It has two forms. The first accepts a single edge list .csv file. It will automatically create empty vertices to connect the edges:

% ./load-csv-into-titan data.csv

Second is when you provide both a vertex and edge .csv file:

% ./load-csv-into-titan vertices.csv edges.csv

By default the script will connect to a locally hosted Titan, but if you want to connect to an arbitrary server, run:

% ./load-csv-into-titan -u http://another.server:1234/graphs/graph data.csv

Finally, the script supports a -h or --help if you want to see the other options it supports.

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