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Module for converting JSON exports to Pascal VOC 2012 format.
import json
import logging
import os
from typing import Any, Dict
from PIL import Image
import requests
from shapely import wkt
from labelbox.exceptions import UnknownFormatError
from labelbox.exporters.pascal_voc_writer import Writer as PascalWriter
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def from_json(labeled_data, annotations_output_dir, images_output_dir,
"""Convert Labelbox JSON export to Pascal VOC format.
labeled_data (str): File path to Labelbox JSON export of label data.
annotations_output_dir (str): File path of directory to write Pascal VOC
annotation files.
images_output_dir (str): File path of directory to write images.
label_format (str): Format of the labeled data.
Valid options are: "WKT" and "XY", default is "WKT".
# make sure annotation output directory is valid
annotations_output_dir = os.path.abspath(annotations_output_dir)
assert os.path.isdir(annotations_output_dir)
except AssertionError as exc:
LOGGER.exception('Annotation output directory does not exist, please create it first.')
raise exc
# read labelbox JSON output
with open(labeled_data, 'r') as file_handle:
lines = file_handle.readlines()
label_data = json.loads(lines[0])
for data in label_data:
data['Labeled Data'],
except requests.exceptions.MissingSchema as exc:
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError:
LOGGER.warning('Failed to fetch image from %s, skipping', data['Labeled Data'])
def write_label( # pylint: disable-msg=too-many-arguments
label_id: str, image_url: str, labels: Dict[str, Any], label_format: str,
images_output_dir: str, annotations_output_dir: str):
"""Writes a single Pascal VOC formatted image and label pair to disk.
label_id: ID for the instance to write
image_url: URL to download image file from
labels: Labelbox formatted labels to use for generating annotation
label_format: Format of the labeled data. Valid options are: "WKT" and
"XY", default is "WKT".
annotations_output_dir: File path of directory to write Pascal VOC
annotation files.
images_output_dir: File path of directory to write images.
# Download image and save it
response = requests.get(image_url, stream=True, timeout=1.0)
response.raw.decode_content = True
image =
image_fqn = os.path.join(
'{img_id}.{ext}'.format(img_id=label_id, ext=image.format.lower())), format=image.format)
# generate image annotation in Pascal VOC
width, height = image.size
xml_writer = PascalWriter(image_fqn, width, height)
# remove classification labels (Skip, etc...)
if not callable(getattr(labels, 'keys', None)):
# skip if no categories (e.g. "Skip")
# convert label to Pascal VOC format
for category_name, paths in labels.items():
if label_format == 'WKT':
xml_writer = _add_pascal_object_from_wkt(
xml_writer, wkt_data=paths, label=category_name)
elif label_format == 'XY':
xml_writer = _add_pascal_object_from_xy(xml_writer, polygons=paths, label=category_name)
exc = UnknownFormatError(label_format=label_format)
raise exc
# write Pascal VOC xml annotation for image, '{}.xml'.format(label_id)))
def _add_pascal_object_from_wkt(xml_writer, wkt_data, label):
polygons = []
if isinstance(wkt_data, list): # V3+
polygons = map(lambda x: wkt.loads(x['geometry']), wkt_data)
else: # V2
polygons = wkt.loads(wkt_data)
for point in polygons:
xy_coords = []
for x_val, y_val in point.exterior.coords:
xy_coords.extend([x_val, y_val])
# remove last polygon if it is identical to first point
if xy_coords[-2:] == xy_coords[:2]:
xy_coords = xy_coords[:-2]
xml_writer.add_object(name=label, xy_coords=xy_coords)
return xml_writer
def _add_pascal_object_from_xy(xml_writer, polygons, label):
if not isinstance(polygons, list):
LOGGER.warning('polygons is not [{geometry: [xy]}] nor [[xy]], skipping')
return xml_writer
for polygon in polygons:
if 'geometry' in polygon: # V3
polygon = polygon['geometry']
if not isinstance(polygon, list) \
or not all(map(lambda p: 'x' in p and 'y' in p, polygon)):
LOGGER.warning('Could not get an point list to construct polygon, skipping')
return xml_writer
xy_coords = []
for point in polygon:
xy_coords.extend([point['x'], point['y']])
xml_writer.add_object(name=label, xy_coords=xy_coords)
return xml_writer
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