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Substra Foundation open source repositories


You are browsing Substra Foundation's Welcome repository: welcome! We are working on methodologies and tools to facilitate multi-partner collaborative ML projects in secure, traceable, privacy-preserving conditions. Our core partner Owkin is dedicating a full tech team to the development of Substra, a software framework for secure, traceable, distributed orchestration of ML tasks.

Why are we working on this? What is our approach?

We described the context and our approach in Substra Foundation's manifesto (this is an early version, meant to be updated regularly). You can also consult Substra whitepaper to learn more about the technical concepts underlying Substra Framework.

Who is making this software framework?

Owkin's Substra team in Nantes (France) is dedicating a full tech team to the development of Substra Framework. It started in April 2018. Since the open sourcing under the Apache 2.0 license in October 2019, all contributions are welcome!

Is this only a software project?

The software project is very central, but we'd like the Substra initiative to be broader. We aim at producing content about the underlying approaches and methodologies. We are also working on identifying challenges specific to multi-partner collaborative machine learning and how to approach them (for example on how to share revenue between data science partners and data providers, see the distributed-learning-contributivity repository).

Under what license is Substra framework distributed

Under the Apache 2.0 license.

How did this start?

Following-up on a previous collaborative initiative called Morpheo, the main concepts underlying the Substra framework were designed during the elaboration of a multi-partner research project proposal in H2 2017 - H1 2018. It became an actual project and is now supported by Bpifrance and known as the Healthchain project, which resulted from the Digital Investments Program for the major challenges of the future RFP. As part of the Healthchain project, a consortium coordinated by Owkin (a private company) has been established, including Substra Foundation, Apricity (a private company), the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris, the University Hospital Center of Nantes, the Léon Bérard Center, the French National Center for Scientific Research, the École Polytechnique, the Institut Curie and the University of Paris Descartes.

An independent non-profit to host and drive the open source Substra project

Substra Foundation is a French non-profit founded by passionate and committed individuals in 2018 to promote, protect and advance the open source project Substra, foster the emergence of a community of users and contributors, research value repartition models, and promote trustless privacy-preserving learning approaches by-design. As of 2019 it is engaged in large collaborative research projects in France and in Europe in the health sector. It aims at growing its reach and developing the adoption of the Substra Framework in multiple industries. Substra Framework’s current main contributor is Owkin, a fast-growing health data AI startup, a core partner to Substra Foundation (of which some members are Owkin employees), which dedicates a full tech team to the development of the software first version.

How can one contribute?

Substra is a collaborative initiative and we'd like to foster contributions from motivated individuals and interested organizations. You can find more information about how to contribute and the different workgroups on:

Where can I find more information?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at! You can also read Substra Foundation's manifesto and Substra whitepaper, browse Substra Foundation's website, ask questions on the Substra's Discourse forum.


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