The new generation of music copyrights
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The new generation of music copyrights LabelsCoin™ - The Blockchain of Music Copyrights

LabelsCoin™ blockchain is an automated music copyrights exchange blockchain technology with associated suite of services. Combined, these facilitate the transparency of copyrights and the exchange of associated royalties – allowing for a fair and transparent retribution to creators of music.

LabelsCoin blockchain is built on top of a copyright matching engine that verifies the status of a music against it license model , infringements, plagiarisms and redistribution rights and means. However, in order to protect our contributors we have patented and industrial device which at the moment is under production and will be available on the market within 2019.

LabelsCoin vision: create awareness of the royalties redistribution issues, providing solution for positive change.

LabelsCoin goal: is building a solid, global music utility, finalising our advanced blockchain that the entire Music industry will use to create advantage, where all stakeholders can partecipate in a fair way.


• IMMUTABILITY: once created, the copyright blockchain representation cannot be delete yet ownership can be transmitted • REAL TIME: royalties payment • TRANSPARENT: owners and fees are transparent • AUTOMATION: music copyrights execution

White Paper :

Token information

Etherscan Smartcontract info:


COIN TYPE: ERC-20 Token ( Compatible with MyEtherWallet etc..)


• November 2017 end market research, white paper 0.1 version, legal advice, build a team • March 2018 LabelsCoin website and LBSC token creation, update white paper 0.2 • April 2018 Patent of device and first meeting with Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein, update white paper 0.3 • May 2018 Genesis of LabelsCoin blockchain: update white paper 0.4 • June 2018 Development of LabelsCoin blockchain, meet up conference Montreux Palace (Switzerland) press conference in Venafro, Italy • July 2018 Legal advice of LBSC token, LabelsCoin officially International Trademark • August 2018, Second meeting with Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein, incorporation of KYC in our website, development of blockchain, meet up with Swiss Cyber Security in Geneva, Switzerland, update 0.5 • September 2018 PRE-ICO, 33.4% of the token will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO • November 2018 INITIAL COIN OFFERING, the 40% of tokens will be distributed • December 2018 End of ICO


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