A Google App Engine log handler logging to RabbitMQ in the logstash format
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#App Engine RabbitMQ Logstash Handler

A Google App Engine log handler logging to RabbitMQ in the logstash format ##Installation on a Google App Engine app

###Preface - Recommended dependency management procedure on GAE It is recommended that you follow a dependency management procedure in which you have a folder for third-party dependencies adjacent to your application code folder. By creating symbolic links from inside your application code folder to that adjacent folder you can better control the actual folder being bundled with your app when you upload it, making the entire dependency managmenet + python include procedure easier ###Dependencies amqplib 1.2.0 - bundled

###Installing the logging handler ####Symlinking into the application folder

The code folder inside this repository should be symlinked to somewhere under your app, preferably under a libs folder otherwise you would have to fork this repository.

##Map Reduce Job Logstash

include the map-reduce lib into your codebase

Inherit from LogUploadHandler

Example :

class LogsUploadHandler(LogUploadHandler):
    def get_module_versions(self, version_id):
        return [('module1', version_id), ('module2', version_id)]

    def get_logstash_host(self):
        return 'amqp://user:pass@log.yourcompany.com'

    def get_app_id(self):
        return 'application_id'

Create the relevant routes entry and a cron entry for that handler

- description: dump logs to logstash
  url: /scheduler/logs/upload
  schedule: every 1 minutes synchronized

##License GPL v2. Please refer to the license file for a complete license declaration.