Runtime orchestration for PXT static-typescript execution hosts, such as Raspberry Pi w/pxt-pi
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This program listens for connections from PXT editors such as pxt-pi, compiles and runs the submitted typescript code using tsc and Node.

It requires the support of pxexec-runtime to execute code.

!!! DO NOT RUN THIS REPO !!! ...

... on anything of great importance. Its intended purpose and design is to create an intentional Arbitrary Code Execution endpoint. In case it isn't clear:

** This program listens to an IP socket and will compile and run ANY TypeScript code you send to it. If you run this program, you are potentially granting the entire internet access to run code on that machine. **


The user can configure the behavior of the program through two environment variables. Note: these are intended for debugging purposes only.

  • PXEXEC_OVERRIDE_EDITOR_PATH="/path/to/pxt/staticpkg" -- set the directory to bind to /editor in the application. This should be the path to a staticpkg of pxt-pi. Otherwise, the editor must be located in ./editor relative to the executable.

  • PXEXEC_HOST=":" -- set the IP and port to listen to for connections.


  • William Temple


This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.