Maps :: Munich Sportive (sport, activities, locations and sporting events in Munich)
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Maps :: Munich Sportive

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The goal of this project is to build an awesome, collaborative map, showing Munich's best sport places, generated by our supporters. It uses Git for version control and GitHub to house the data.

Background Knowledge

What is GeoJSON?

GeoJSON is an open and popular geographic data format commonly used in web applications. It is an extension of a format called JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation. GeoJSON extends JSON by adding a section called "geometry" such that you can define coordinates for the particular object (point, line, polygon, multi-polygon, etc). A point in a GeoJSON file might look like this:

    "type": "Feature",
    "geometry": {
      "type": "Point",
      "coordinates": [11.542914, 48.12646]
    "properties": {
      "name": "Labs64 GmbH",
      "address": "Radlkoferstr. 2, 81373 Munich",
      "website": ""

GeoJSON files have to have both a "geometry" section and a "properties" section. The "geometry" section houses the geographic information of the feature (its location and type) and the "properties" section houses all of the descriptive information about the feature (like fields in an attribute table).

How to contribute

Fork the repository, read the CONTRIBUTE file and make some changes. Once you're done with your changes send a pull request and check GeoJSON validation status. Thanks!


Distributed under the MIT LICENSE.

Visit page at