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A private covert channels over the Telegram
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CoverTele - A private covert channel over the Telegram

Tool and library to provide a simple way to exchange private text messages through the blocking-based covert channels between users written in Python.


  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Acquire Telegram api_id and api_hash following this manual.
  • Edit set api_id and api_hash in the file header to your values.
  • Done


Python 3 is required to run covertele. You will also need Telethon to be installed as it is used to call Telegram API methods. You can install it with pip: pip install telethon


If nothing is happening on connection (no output), try setting proxy in file.

Command-line tool

python3 [-s/-r] [your username] [other username] [message]

Example to get message as user @mark from @tommy you can call:

python3 -r mark tommy

And to send message "OH, HI MARK!..." from @tommy to @mark do this after mark has started listening:

python3 -s tommy mark oh, hi mark!..


Here is a basic usage example:

from covertele import TelegramBlockingAPI
from cochannel import CovertChannel

# To channel to use telegram you will need to create a suitable interface
# By default standard IO will be used to authorize you, 
# but you can do it automatically if you want to (see the source code)
id = input("Enter your id")
api = TelegramBlockingAPI(id)

# Now you can create channel object
friend = input("Enter your friend's id:")
channel = CovertChannel(api, friend)

# You can use channel.receive() and channel.send() to transmit data between the users
channel.send("Bork, bork!")

# If you want to send and receive raw codes, you can call functions with '_raw' suffix
codes = channel.receive_raw()
for code in codes:
channel.send_raw([19, 24, 24, 13])


Simplified BSD, see LICENSE file.

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