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This is a simple cms plugin that allows you to create a links of interest page or links list in some placeholder.


Just django-cms 2.1+


Just add 'cmsplugin_links_of_interest' to your INSTALLED_APPS, run syncdb or migrate if you use south, and you're ready to go.

The idea of the plugin is that you create a page with a bunch of link plugins laying around. This is better than sticking them into a TextPlugin because you can see the links' titles, and reorder them with drag and drop. You leave this page as not-published and then add a Links of Interest plugin where you want to render them. You can override a template at links_of_interest/links_list.html to fix how they render.

To print the n first links in a placeholder, just add that as the count parameter. To print all of them, make count < 0

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