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DjangoCMS s3Slider Gallery plugin


  1. Drag&Drop reordering of photos in the plugin admin
  2. Unlimited, auto-discovered custom templates - you can change template of given gallery at anytime, use javascript galleries etc.
  3. Native support for



  1. Install requirements and put cmsplugin_s3slider on your python path (requirements will be installed automatically if you use pip with -e
  2. Add cmsplugin_s3slider, easy_thumbnails and sekizai to your installed apps
  3. Run syncdb or migrate cmsplugin_s3slider (if you use South).
  4. Create directory for storing media files - files will be uploaded to MEDIA_ROOT + 'cmsplugin_s3slider/images'. Make sure it is writable especially when running in embedded mode on production server.
  5. Very simple template is included with the project. It comes with the s3Slider gallery plugin javascript packed, and ready to work. It also expects you to have a "css" and a "javascript" sekizai blocks rendered in your template. You can modify the template to fix the css to suit your needs.


The easiest approach is to use a nice feature of cmsplugin_s3slider - the template autodiscovery. In order to take advantage of it, add your custom templates in the cmsplugin_s3slider subdirectory of any of template dirs scanned by Django.

If you don't want to use the autodiscovery, you can hardcode available templates in using following setting:

    ('app/template.html', 'Template #1', ),
    ('app/other_template.html', 'Template #2', ),

Embed as a typical plugin.


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