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pluggable payments plugin for django-oscar

This module is supposed to be used to override oscar's checkout app, and it supports various pluggable reusable payment systems, that have to be based off The oscar_overrides.modules.payment.base.views provides some basic mixins from which to build your plugins' views.

DISCLAIMER This code comes from a private framework I'm working on for As such it has some things that might be sub-ideal for a standalone reusable app (such as the OSCAR_OVERRIDES_PACKAGE setting). I'm more than open to accepting fixes these (and bugfixes, and any reusable plugins you might want to create), and bringing the package to level.


  • OSCAR_PAYMENT_MODULES. A list of (url, module name) tuples. This is where you configure your active payment modules. An example that uses paypal, and the dummy would be this:

        (r'^paypal/', ''),
    if DEBUG:
            (r'^dummy/', ''))
  • OSCAR_OVERRIDES_PACKAGE. This is used by the checkout root view to find the

Example Plugins

There's a couple of example payment modules:

  • dummy. This module asks you to introduce test credit card data, and marks the order as paid. To be used during development.
  • paypal. This is a pluggable payment plugin for django-oscar-paypal. It requires django-oscar-paypal if you'll use it, and it uses it's urls, and templates