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PKI Express Python Sample

This folder contains a web application written in Python using the Flask framework, that shows how to use the PKI Express. The sample application should work on Python.

To use PKI Express, you'll need a license file. Please contact us to get a free trial license.

Running the sample

To run the sample:

  1. Install PKI Express
  2. Download the project or clone the repository
  3. In a command prompt, navigate to the folder Python and run the command pip install -r requirements.txt to download the dependencies.
  4. Set the FLASK_APP environment variable to define the name of app that should be run: FLASK_APP=sample
  5. Run the web application: flask run
  6. Access the URL http://localhost:5000

Optionally, you can create and activate a "virtualenv" to avoid mixing library versions:

virtualenv <venv>
source bin/activate (on Windows: ./<venv>/Scripts/activate)