Fortran 95 code for solving compressible euler equations in 1D (quite old)
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Euler1D computes euler equations for ideal compressible gas in one dimension.
Initial conditions are discontinuous in the form of Riemann problem or smooth
and periodic in the form of sinusoidal wave.

All settings are stored in the file euler.conf. All options are commented.
Files anim.plot and are sample Gnuplot and shell scripts for
generation of animations. Currently it produces mp4 files using ffmpeg. You
can change it to anything else.

Outputs of computations are stored in files rho.txt, u.txt, rhou.txt,
 e.txt, p.txt, m.txt (density, velocity, density*velocity, total energy,
 pressure, Mach number).

I would appreciate your feedback. You can contact me at 

            Vladimir Fuka

Info for version 1.01: Some new options added by Donato Cecere donato.cecere(at)

For used methods and algorithms see following references:

Very good introduction to central and MUSTA methods:
T. R. Hagen, M. O. Henriksen, J. M. Hjelmervik, and K.-A. Lie. How to solve
systems of conservation laws numerically using the graphics processor as a
high-performance computational engine. In "Geometrical Modeling, Numerical Simulation and Optimization: Industrial Mathematics at SINTEF", Eds., G. Hasle, K.-A. Lie, and E. Quak, Springer Verlag, to appear. 

Kurganov-Tadmor method:
Kurganov, A., & Tadmor, E. 2000. New High-Resolution Central Schemes for
Nonlinear Conservation Laws and Convection-Diffusion Equations.
J. Comput. Phys., 160, 241–282.
Central-upwind method:
Kurganov, A., Noelle, S., & Petrova, G. 2001. Semidiscrete Central-
Upwind Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Hamilton-
Jacobi Equations. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 23, 707–740.

MUSTA method:

V A Titarev and Toro E F. Finite Volume WENO Schemes for Three-Dimensional
Conservation Laws. J. Computational Physics, Vol. 201, pp 238-260, 2004.
WWW: (preprint)