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Job Resources

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Table of Contents

Getting a Gig

Resume Strengthening


As soon as you're at this stage of getting a gig, go read the negotiation articles below; don't wait until you get an offer. Negotiation starts when you're asked for your previous and/or expected salary, which may be in your first conversation with a recruiter.



Front-end and JavaScript Questions
Back-end Questions
See Also

Algorithms resources in the Learning Resources file.



Picking an Offer

  • 80,000 Hours' Make a Decision Tool
    This is a decision-making tool which prompts you with reflective questions to cut past bad intuition and identify where you need more information before making a final decision.
  • Questions to Ask Interviewers
    These are great questions to ask at the end of an interview, or when you're deciding among offers.
  • The Open Guide to Equity Compensation
    This clears away the confusion around stock compensation, and lets you understand exactly what you're being offered. Then, using the ideas and tactics learned from the negotiation articles above, you can get more.
  • How Startup Options (and Ownership) Works
    Equity at start-ups is potentially even more confusing, and yet even more crucial (since early-stage start-ups often offer smaller salaries or none at all). Learn about how start-up options work, and the surprising/disastrous effects that venture capitalists' terms can have on your own end payout.

Making the Most of Your New Job