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  • Five new trident variants:
    • Pitchfork: for early game, lower durability, normal projectile drag underwater, allows for farmland tiling
    • Hellfork: Nether variant of the Trident
      • Can be obtained by combining a Trident with an Ancient Trident, that has a 60% chance of appearing in treasure Bastion Remnants
      • Ancient Trident and Hellfork are fireproof, similar to netherite scrap and netherite gear
      • Ignites entities upon hit, whether thrown or used as a melee weapon
      • Changed the Riptide use from water based to fire based, when the user is on fire or inside lava
    • Soulfork: Variant of the Hellfork
      • Acquired by using a Hellfork on soul torches, lanterns or campfires
      • Needs experience for Riptide to work, damages the user once all experience is used up
      • Sets the user on fire for a short time upon Riptide being used. The fire does not damage the user as long as they were not on fire before
      • Can be reverted back by using it on the normal variants of the mentioned soul blocks
    • Elder Trident: an improved trident with homing capabilities
      • Can be obtained by combining a Trident with an Elder Guardian Eye, dropped by Elder Guardians when killed by a melee trident attack or by a trident enchanted with Loyalty 3 or 4
      • Will home on entities and come back for them (if it hasn't hit anything or the ground)
      • Upon killing an entity, the Elder Trident will catch its loot, giving it back when a player picks the trident up, or bringing it back to you if the trident has loyalty!
      • Channeling additionally grants the exact same effect as an Elder Guardian on players upon hitting them when thrown (apparition + mining fatigue)
      • Riptide on this trident will create one Guardian Trident copy per Riptide level, behaving exactly like the normal Elder Trident.
    • Atlan: a legendary golden Trident, with an enchantability matching its material
      • Can be obtained by combining a Trident with an Enchanted Golden Apple
      • Accepts all Trident enchantments, as well as Sword enchantments
  • A new level for the Loyalty Enchant, Loyalty IV (also known as Sincere Loyalty), that drops the Trident as an entity when tossing the item, allowing you to recall it whenever you want when right clicking with an empty hand
  • Total change to how Impaling work now dealing extra damage to entities in the rain or in water instead of aquatic creatures
    • Only adds 0.75 heart of damage per level instead of 1.25.
    • For the Hellfork, Impaling will do one extra heart of damage per level to all fire immune entities (entities with Fire Resistance included!)
  • Loyal Tridents return in the right slot (including secondary hand)
  • (Creative Only) A new powerful item, the Maelstrom, that allows its user to throw tridents out of their inventory
    • Accepts Efficiency (reduces the time between each trident launch), Unbreaking and Mending