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An effective and realistic system to separate bots from real players in minecraft.
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XProtect is a new and effective plugin created with one goal in mind, maximum protection on minecraft servers. Every time a player joins a minecraft server, he will be presented a "challenge" which he will have to complete within a given amount of time. If he succeeds he will not be asked to verify himself again unless admins decide so. If he fails though, the punishment can be anything as you are free to change it to your preferences in the configuration file. There are currently over 12 captcha types in order to assure security in any minecraft server that runs this plugin.


  • Java 8 or above.
  • A spigot server


In order to intall and get this plugin to work in your server, you'll first have to buy it from After that is done, simply download it and put it in your plugins folder. Now run your server once and then stop it. Make any neccessary changes in the config or messages file and start your server again. You're now ready to go.

In action

These are a few images demostrating the plugin in action. You can also test it yourself by joining my minecraft server at

alt text alt text alt text

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