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0 021CDF60-0221F41F
1 0221F680-0222C83F Strings for everything except character names and events.
2 0221F680-0222C83F Strings for character names and events.
3-4 0222C840-022B2A5F
5 022B2A80-022B2ADF Sprite data that isn't stored in individual files. (Unused?)
6 022B2AE0-022B765F Sprite data that isn't stored in individual files.
7 022B7660-022D0F3F Various data including palettes, GFX wrappers, some icon GFX data.
8 022D0F40-022D74FF
9-24 022D7500-022D78FF 12 seems to have something related to the pause menu's BG1 layer.
25 022D7900-022E881F Menu code and enemy code for Whip's Memory.
26-39 022E01A0-022E4F5F
40-42 022D7900-022E881F
43-77 022D7900-022E881F Enemy code.
78-117 022E8820-02308E9F Rooms. (except 116?)
118 022E04A0-022E3ABF Rooms for area 0x0D, Co-op Boss Rush & Shop Mode.
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