Platform independent arbitrary precision Int library based on Array<Boolean>. Unittests included.
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Platform independent arbitrary precision Int library for haxe based on Array. Unittests included.

ArbitraryPrecisionInt is a DataType which can be used for unsigned integers which can become arbitrary large. This class runs on flash, html5, neko and hxcpp and comes with basic arithmetics a set of unit tests. It is based on the binary representation of the number (stored as Array). The only limitation is the machines memory. Very large numbers might become slow.


This exmapels might seem kind of useless for small integer numbers but will work nevertheless for positive integer numbers of arbitray size.

var x : ArbitraryPrecisionInt = ArbitraryPrecisionInt.fromInt(15);
var y : ArbitraryPrecisionInt = ArbitraryPrecisionInt.fromInt(3);
var add : ArbitraryPrecisionInt = x.add(y); // 18
var sub : ArbitraryPrecisionInt = x.sub(y); // 12 
var mul : ArbitraryPrecisionInt = x.mul(y); // 45
var div : ArbitraryPrecisionInt = x.div(y); // 5
var log2 : Float = x.calcLog2(); // \approx 3.906