cross platform Deluge Plugin for importing torrents from uTorrent
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a cross platform Deluge plugin to import torrents from uTorrent

v2.3.8 Download HERE

  • supports WINE mappings
  • automatically searches for relevant uTorrent sessions
  • Advanced support for renamed folder or relocated files.
  • Support for importing the bandwidth settings for each torrent
  • Supports setting the Added Date to match uTorrent's date added
  • Skipped files are carried over from uTorrent

Installation and use:

  1. Download the appropriate .egg file here (use both if you're not sure): DOWNLOADS
  2. Open Deluge, go to Preferences > Plugins > Install Plugin
  3. Add the .egg file(s)
  4. Turn on the plugin (tick the box)
  5. press the button!




  • Files skipped in uTorrent will not be downloaded by Deluge
  • Some bug fixes for unicode torrent file names


  • Added an option for preserving the uTorrent added date
  • Added options for importing bandwidth settings for uTorrent torrents
  • fixed rare bug with event timings that could prevent a torrent being rechecked
  • fixed a bug with WINE path torrent files on separate drives.
  • fixed a bug where backed up .torrent files could be saved without extension


  • Added a Dialog to notify the user when the import is finished
  • Better error reporting for missing or corrupt resume.dat files.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing unnecessary renames
  • Fixed a bug that could cause torrents with only one file nested in a folder to be incorrectly renamed.
  • Fixed a bug related to unicode torrent files that could cause the import to halt.


  • Fixed some renamed torrents not rechecking properly
  • added support for correctly redirecting individual files relocated by uTorrent
  • Lowered chance of torrents beginning to download when adding large amounts of torrents at once. (adding may take more time now)


  • Fixed torrent file unicode errors halting import