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Demo firmware for Laird Connectivity Sterling-EWB
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This is the WICED demo application for the Laird EWB devkit. To build this
demo, you will need version 6.2.1 of WICED Studio available from the following

Once downloaded and installed, copy the files from this repository on top of
the WICED-Studio-6.2.1 folder that was created as part of the installation.
Copying will overwrite several files that are part of WICED and will create
two new folders:


To builld the demo application, a new build string will be required. The build
string for the demo application is:

laird.demo-LAIRD_EWB-ThreadX-NetX-SDIO download download_apps run

Running this build will compile the demo application, flash the radio firmware
into external SPI flash, and the demo firmware into the internal flash memory
of the EWB. The demo firmware should start executing.

The demo firmware is intended to be used along with the EWB demo mobile
application available from the typical app stores.

The firmware in this repository depends on licenced software from Bosch for the
BME680 environmental sensor used on the devkit board. The Bosch Sensortec
Environmental Cluster (BSEC) software can be integrated by following these

1. Go to this URL:

Scroll to the bottom to read and agree to the license agreement. Click the
Download link that appears.

2. Unzip the downloaded file.

3. Copy the two .h files and one .a file from 


in the BSEC release into

in the WICED installation.

4. Copy the three bme680.* files from


in the BSEC release into


in the WICED installation.

5. Copy the two bsec_integration.* files from


in the BSEC release into


in the WICED installation.
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