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A recreation of Flappy Bird as a Blockland game-mode. Includes a dynamic leaderboard, a scoring system, and infinite looping pipes.
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Flappy Bird in Blockland

A remake of Flappy Bird in Blockland! It's playable in multiplayer and includes an in-game leaderboard. The pipes loop forever, allowing you to flap endlessly!

Forum thread:


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


Click to view the video:

Video Image


Put GameMode_Flappy_Bird, Event_2DCamera, and (Optional) Brick_WedgePlus into the Add-Ons folder in your Blockland folder.


Download GameMode_Flappy_Bird - Blockland Glass Download

Download Event_2DCamera (Required) - Alternate Download

Download Brick_WedgePlus (Optional)

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