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Open GIS Datasets for the city of Hyderabad curated by Lakeer from various open and public domain sources.
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1. Basic Services
2. Urban Poverty
3. Disaster Resilience
4. Governance
5. Economy/5.1 Business Density
6. Environment
Data Tracker.csv

Hyderabad Open GIS Data

The datasets uploaded here have been put together by Lakeer ( through its journey as an urban data non-profit organisation so far. They come from various sources - some from government data portals, some extracted from OpenStreetMap, and some geocoded by Lakeer using Google geocoding api. We'd be happy to know if you found any of these datasets useful in your organisation's work or in your personal research.

Metadata: This repo has a Data Tracker spreadsheet where the metadata of the datasets in the folder is noted. The S.No. column in the tracker indicates the folder number where the datasets corresponding to each respective indicator can be found.

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