An Android Application that helps in prescription adherence
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Uses ESP8266, an Android app & a web portal to smarten the medical cabinet and help manage prescriptions efficiently for self and family members. Provides pill intake & refill reminders and helps monitor adherence and more.

Key Product Features of the Smart Pill Cabinet are:

  1. Timely Reminders : When it is time to take a pill, the Pill cabinet will buzz and also light up an LED. The user will also receive an Android notification listing the pills due then. Inside the cabinet, the bottles with pills due will be illuminated RED.

  2. Adherence Monitoring : Distance ranging sensors monitor the Cabinet open/close action to figure out if pills are taken. We also ask for user confirmation to press a button on the pill bottle after taking the pill. Post confirmation, to prevent repetition of pills we change pill bottle LED color to WHITE. If any pill was missed, the family will be notified in the app.

  3. Pill Refill Notification : Distance sensors help measure existing pill quantity in real time. In addition to this and the adherence history/ prescription from server, timely refill notifications are triggered.