Utilities to launch Indra and its dependencies with docker-compose.
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NOTE: This documentation refers to the latest version of Indra. Look for the tags in this repository if you need to install older versions.

Table of Contents

Indra Composed

A set of utilities to launch Indra and its dependencies with docker-compose. The main goal here is to get a running instance quickly.


Please ensure you have the following requirements:

  • Docker (1.9+) and Docker Compose

How to start a local instance with the Google News Word2Vec model

Assuming you have already cloned this repository do the following.

  1. Start the services.

$ docker-compose up -d

  1. Downloading the model.

$ ./downloader.sh w2v-en-googlenews

  1. Test It!
$ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
   "corpus": "googlenews",
   "model": "W2V",
   "language": "EN",
   "scoreFunction": "COSINE",
   "pairs": [{
   	"t2": "car",
   	"t1": "engine"
   	"t2": "car",
   	"t1": "flowers"
}' "http://localhost:8916/relatedness"

More detailed documentation is here.


Currently we store the models in the MongoDB database. We are making models available for download here.


To activate the translated semantic relatedness and translated word embeddings the respective translation model must be downloaded. There are seven models (for seven different languages) available:

  • de_en - German
  • fr_en - French
  • es_en - Spanish
  • it_en - Italian
  • nl_en - Dutch
  • sv_en - Swedish
  • pt_en - Portuguese

Building Models

We're planning to increasing the models available and in parallel we will release the code required to build your own models with your corpus.

Programmatically usage from Python

This code snippet relies on the beatiful library requests.

import requests
import json

pairs = [
    {'t1': 'house', 't2': 'beer'},
    {'t1': 'car', 't2': 'engine'}]

data = {'corpus': 'googlenews',
        'model': 'W2V',
        'language': 'EN',
        'scoreFunction': 'COSINE', 'pairs': pairs}

headers = {
    'content-type': "application/json"

res = requests.post("http://localhost:8916/relatedness", data=json.dumps(data), headers=headers)

Citing Indra

Please cite Indra, if you use it in your experiments or project.

author="Sales, Juliano Efson and Souza, Leonardo and Barzegar, Siamak and Davis, Brian and Freitas, Andr{\'e} and Handschuh, Siegfried",
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address   = {Miyazaki, Japan},
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We'd love to hear you. Use our Issue tracker to give feedback!