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Neptune - unit testing for VSCode

Visual Studio Code extension adding first class support for F# unit testing for both .Net Framework and .Net Core. Extension can be downloaded from VSCode Extension Marketplace.

Neptune is paid extension, license can be bought on product webpage. Downloading plugin from VSCode Extensions Marketplace you agree on our License and have access to 7 days, free evaluation period.


  • VSCode (1.21.0+)
  • Ionide-FSharp (3.18.0 +)
  • C# extension (1.14.0 +)
  • .Net Core (2.0.0 +)

Current features

Integration with most popular test frameworks

  • NUnit
  • XUnit
  • Expecto

Test explorer integrated with VSCode UI

Debugging support (.Net Core only)

CodeLenses for running and debugging single test or test list

Showing test failures in VSCode error panel and editor ruler.

PREVIEW: Code Coverage for NUnit and XUnit on .Net Core

Support matrix

The below table represents current state of the support for different types of runtimes and different operating systems:

Linux / MacOS Windows
.Net Core Running and Debugging, Code Coverage (NUnit/XUnit) Running and Debugging, Code Coverage (NUnit/XUnit)
Full Framework, new project file Running (only Expecto) Running
Full Framework, old project file Running Running

The state of support is impacted by multiple 3rd part vendors - for example Debugging support is provided by C# extension team, or running XUnit and NUnit tests on full framework with new project file on Linux / MacOS is not possible due to bug in dotnet test

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