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@Kerinlin Kerinlin released this Nov 1, 2019 · 75 commits to master since this release



  1. 支持主网和测试网切换(默认链接主网,下载后请切换到测试网)
  2. 支持市场买卖空间
  3. 支持启动lambda s3客户端,用客户端进行文件上传和下载
  4. 支持显示钱包链接的网络类型(测试网/主网/自定义网络)
  5. 优化提案列表页面和账户名称地址显示

Wallet release notes
This version is mainly used for miner link test network test, storage and mining
Please back up the configuration file of the previous wallet before installing it

  1. support switching between the main network and the test network (please switch to test network after downloading ,the default link to the main network)
  2. support market sell order and buy order
  3. support to start the client of lambda S3 and upload and download files with the client
  4. support to display whether the network type of wallet link is test network or main network or custom network
  5. optimized proposal list page and display of account name and addr
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