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[Bug] Storm Wing and Flashing unbind A as Moving Left #712

Hunyol opened this issue Jan 19, 2019 · 14 comments

[Bug] Storm Wing and Flashing unbind A as Moving Left #712

Hunyol opened this issue Jan 19, 2019 · 14 comments


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@Hunyol Hunyol commented Jan 19, 2019

Describe the bug
Using Storm Wing seems to cause A to unbind if its as Strafe Left and has a conflicting keybind, not if anything else is Strafe Left or A is anything else
To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Have A as Strafe Left and something else
  2. Activate Storm Wing
  3. Use one of the speed boosts
  4. Try and strafe left

Expected behavior
Should be able to move normally

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows
  • MC Version and Forge version: MC 1.12.2 Forge
  • Version 1.1.0 beta4
@Hunyol Hunyol added the bug label Jan 19, 2019
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@nirvanaxiao6 nirvanaxiao6 commented Jan 21, 2019

Duplicated with #651
And we cannot reproduce the bug.

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@Hunyol Hunyol commented Jan 21, 2019

I should also include, in the controls it does not appear to be unbound

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@fireair fireair commented Jan 21, 2019

I get this bug as well

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@Hunyol Hunyol commented Jan 22, 2019

Breakthrough: It only happens when theres a conflicting keybind
added this information to original post

@WeAthFoLD WeAthFoLD added this to High priority in 1.1.x Mar 3, 2019
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@Ruchian Ruchian commented Mar 3, 2019

So I created a mini modpack to test this.
Minecraft version 1.12.2
Forge version

It contains the following mods:
Just Enough Items 1.12.2-4.14.267

I can diffidently recreate this bug with just these mods.

Just Enough Items has a key called "Add/Remove Bookmarked Ingredients"
This key is set on "A" by default and doesn't show up as a keybind conflict, because it is only used when the inventory is opened.

I used cheats to give myself Vector Manip, Level 5, Learn_All. I put Storm Wing on 1. (Mouse Button 0)
I fly around a bit, cancel the skill and A stops doing anything. You cannot move left.

In the Options > Controls menu, A is still bound to Strafe Left. (It is not actually unbind)
But unbinding the key and rebinding A to Strafe Left will allow you to walk left again.

Edit: (In my case, in Survival Mode, upon using Storm Wing and letting the CP bar Overload and in that way cancel the skill, what happens is that the whole minecraft interface corrupts (it becomes invisible) and the world seems to look very strange after ward.)



Running Java 8. (build 1.8.0 201-b09)

Edit 2: I noticed that this may be a seperate issue, but considering that the A key will be disabled at 100% chance when this condition also occurs, it could be related. (This is why I refered this topic)

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@nirvanaxiao6 nirvanaxiao6 commented Mar 3, 2019

You did a really good job. It does help us a lot. Thanks for you help.

For the problem, you can wait for weathfold to find out why it happens.

Really appreciate you a lot for your feedback.

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@Keltas Keltas commented Mar 24, 2019

I wanted to add that I get this bug also with the Flashing teleporter skill.

@nirvanaxiao6 nirvanaxiao6 pinned this issue Mar 31, 2019
@WeAthFoLD WeAthFoLD moved this from High priority to Doing in 1.1.x Apr 18, 2019
@WeAthFoLD WeAthFoLD self-assigned this Apr 18, 2019
@nirvanaxiao6 nirvanaxiao6 changed the title [Bug] Storm Wing unbinds A as Strafe Left [Bug] Storm Wing and Flashing unbind A as Moving Left Apr 20, 2019
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@WeAthFoLD WeAthFoLD commented Apr 23, 2019


1.1.x automation moved this from Doing to Need QA Confirmation Apr 23, 2019
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@nirvanaxiao6 nirvanaxiao6 commented Apr 28, 2019

NOT fixed in AcademyCraft 1.1.2 -190427

@nirvanaxiao6 nirvanaxiao6 reopened this Apr 28, 2019
1.1.x automation moved this from Need QA Confirmation to Needs triage Apr 28, 2019
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@WeAthFoLD WeAthFoLD commented May 8, 2019

@nirvanaxiao6 Please check again

1.1.x automation moved this from Needs triage to Need QA Confirmation May 8, 2019
@nirvanaxiao6 nirvanaxiao6 moved this from Need QA Confirmation to Closed in 1.1.x Jun 1, 2019
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@Hax02 Hax02 commented Jul 21, 2019

Still getting this bug as of 1.1.2

@WeAthFoLD WeAthFoLD reopened this Jul 23, 2019
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@DarianLStephens DarianLStephens commented May 26, 2020

I'm also getting this bug in 1.1.2, just to confirm it's still a problem.
Just for testing, I changed the troublesome JEI hotkey to instead be D, and I was still able to move right after using the Flashing ability, so it seems to be something with left specifically.

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@Minephliss Minephliss commented Aug 6, 2020

This bug is still exist in 1.1.3. After using Flashing it occured

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@Renniuq Renniuq commented Oct 6, 2020

It might be worth noting this issue happens with any of the movement keys, provided there is a conflicting keybind. For instance, Valkyrien Skies adds control bindings for an airship using the WASD keys, and with that installed, using Flashing or Storm Wing will lock out all 4 keys, unless you rebind the Valkyrien Skies controls to something else, like the arrow keys. Thought it'd be worth noting it wasn't limited to the A key in particular.

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