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An exercise on Functions, Arrays and Objects.
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Objects, Functions and Arrays

This challenge focuses on functions, objects and arrays. You'll convert "traditional" functions into functions that use the ES6 arrow syntax. You'll also manipulate objects and traverse arrays.

THE USE OF MOST HIGHER-ORDER ARRAY METHODS IS FORBIDDEN! These would be array methods that take callbacks as arguments and save you from having to loop manually, such as map, filter, reduce, some, every etc. You'll have to make do with good old loops! The one exception is the sort method, which you may use if you'd like.

Commit often! Plan to commit & push every time you get a new test passing. This makes it SO much easier to figure out "what broke my code", and helps your TL keep track of how you're doing.

If you run into trouble while coding, fight the good fight for 20 minutes and then get on the help channel. Remember to formulate your help request in a professional manner - like you would at the job - by including error messages, screenshots, and any other pertinent information about the problem, as well as what things you have attempted already while trying to solve it.



Find the file index.js and complete the tasks until all of your tests pass. Do not use any of the forbidden methods!

Get Started

Using VSCode and a Command Line:
  1. Fork repo and add TL as collaborator on Github.
  2. Clone your fork (not Lambda's repo by mistake!).
  3. cd into your newly cloned repository.
  4. Create a new branch by typing git checkout -b <firstName-lastName>.
  5. Install dependencies by typing npm install.
  6. Run tests by typing npm run test:watch.
  7. Work on your branch, push commits and create PR as usual.

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