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Environment Setup

  1. Global Dependencies

  2. lambdatest Credentials

    • In the terminal export your lambdatest Credentials as environmental variables:
    $ export LT_USERNAME=<your lambdatest username>
    $ export LT_ACCESS_KEY=<your lambdatest access_key>
    $ export APPLITOOLS_API_KEY=<your applitool api key>
    • Get an Applitools API key by logging into Applitools > Person Icon > My API Key
  3. Project Dependencies

    • Install Maven dependencies
    $ mvn install

Running Tests

  • Tests:

    $ mvn -Dtest=BasicDemo test

You will see the test result in the Lambdatest Dashboard

Routing traffic through your local machine

  • Set tunnel value to True in test capabilities

OS specific instructions to download and setup tunnel binary can be found at the following links.

Important Note:

About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a cloud based selenium grid infrastructure that can help you run automated cross browser compatibility tests on 2000+ different browser and operating system environments. All test data generated during testing including Selenium command logs, screenshots generated in testing, video logs, selenium logs, network logs, console logs, and metadata logs can be extracted using LambdaTest automation APIs. This data can then be used for creating custom reports.


SeleniumHQ Documentation
Applitools Java Documentation
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