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Game Development Library for the Nintendo Wii
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A cross-platform game development framework library for the Nintendo Wii and PC with an API very similar to SFML designed mainly to make homebrew software and game development across supported platforms much easier and straight forward to do for both beginners and advanced programmers. Designed mostly for 2D game development but lower level GX or OpenGL commands can be used in conjunction for advanced 2D or 3D graphics programming.

This repository houses the most recent version of the MTek-GDL libraries straight from the original author and contributions by other people who are willing to help improve this library and often has features that are not yet present in the official releases of this library. However, beware of possible syntax changes if you're working on an existing project that uses an older version of this library and expect some bugs when using the newly added features. Avoid using undocumented functions as they are usually not finalized by the original author of this library and will most likely undergo significant changes.

If you're new to MTek-GDL, it is highly recommended that you start out with one of the official release packages which can be found right here:


Documentation of the library can be found as Doxygen blocks inside the header files. It is recommended to parse said files through Doxygen so you'll get yourself an HTML manual of the library.

Example programs of this library can be found in this repository:

Setting up the Wii Library

Assuming that you already have DevkitPro with DevkitPPC already set up and ready to use, you first have to install the libraries provided within 3rdparty/libs-wii by simply running the makefile inside it. Once all the libraries have finished compiling, install them to your DevkitPPC toolchain by entering 'make install'.

Now that you have the 3rd party libraries MTek-GDL needs to work installed, run makefile.wii by entering 'make -f makefile.wii'. Once compiling has finished, you're all set to use MTek-GDL in your projects.

You may either install the library to your DevkitPPC environment by entering 'make -f makefile.wii install' to the make program. However it is recommended to just set appropriate search directories to your project's makefile instead of installing it into your development environment.

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