MingWBuild - Sublime text 2 plugin for compiling projects directly through sublime text using MinGW(g++) on windows
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MinGWBuild - Sublime Text 2 Plugin

MinGWBuild lets you build complete C++ projects automatically using MinGW(g++) without having to manually add each .cpp file to the build file using Sublime Text 2. By default it's only functionality is running the "g++ currentfile.cpp [optional] -o currentfile.exe " the [optional] reads every .cpp file in your project folder (and unlimited sub folders). There's plugin settings in Prefences -> Package Settings which allows you to change the hotkey to your liking, disable the project option (compile just the current .cpp file) and add linker options. Which is then directly executed using CTRL + ALT + B by default.


  1. Copy this folder to your 'Sublime Text 2\Packages' folder. (Should be located on windows: C:\Users...\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages)


Create your project folder and add your .cpp files and sub folders and header files. Then hit the hotkey to build your project. Not you will need to update your linker options. By default it's setup to use SFML 2.0.

-DSFML_STATIC allows me to not have to define the SFML_STATIC definition -mwindows disables the SFML window -static-libgcc allows us to staticly link the g++ into the exe -static-libstdc++ .... ^^^^^^^^^^ ....