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Transport data between component and vuex in whole project. Only for Vue 1.
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Add a new properity $vuexer in your components.

It is useful when your npm vue components are designed to use vuex and are used in different projects.

Only for Vue 1.0, because "Vue 2.0 + Vuex 2.0" has solved this problem.

Quick Start.

Use vuexer firstly.

import Vue from 'vue'
import Vuexer from 'vuexer'

import store from './vuex/store'
import actions from './vuex/actions'
import getters from './vuex/getters'

// Initialization.
Vue.use(Vuexer, {

When vuexer is initialized, a new properity called $vuexer will be added to your components.

Let's see:

  export default {
    methods: {
      setCurrency (num) {
        this.$vuexer.setCurrency(num)  // "setCurrency" is the method that you defined in your vuex actions.

  <!-- "getCurrency" is the getter that you have defined in your vuex getters. -->
  <p>currency: {{$vuexer.getCurrency}}</p>
    <button @click="setCurrency(10)">I need $10!</button>
    <!-- Or you can also: -->
    <button @click="$vuexer.setCurrency(100)">$100 is required!</button>



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